What is Time Warp Trading?

What is Time Warp Trading?

What is Time Warp Trading? Is TACHEON Time Warp Trading system one of the most reliable trading systems out there? Or is it just a scam to try and get you to spend $2500?

In order to figure that out, we first need to determine the mechanism behind Time Warp Trading.

What is the Time Warp Trading Mechanism?

The Time Warp trading Mechanism works on the assumption that there are two things that can cause losses when trading.

  • The first thing is the trader itself.
  • The second thing is large corporations such as banks who manipulate the markets, often misleading traders and causing them to make massive losses which may prove to be beneficial to the larger corporations.

The Time Warp Trading system claims that it may be able to combat this by analyzing large quantities of candle sticks, far more than a human is able to, in order to identify patterns where markets are manipulated upwards or downwards, and predict where it will occur again in the future.

It uses this analysis of the past to forecast buying and selling pressure times in the market, illustrated in a histogram similar to the one below, with relevant time stamps illustrated.

What is Time Warp Trading- Histogram

With easy to follow colored dots, illustrated on the candlestick graph along with the relevant timestamps, as indicated below.

What is Time Warp Trading- Candlestick Graph

Additionally, patterns that they have supposedly uncovered are all numbered 1-7, and provide further indication of the possible outcomes in the future, such as approaching trend reversal.

In summary, the program works heavily on the detection of time vs price patterns.

Advantages of Time Warp Trading

Unlike most other indicators that lag behind real time markets because they are only formed as the markets move, the TACHEON Time Warp Trading system is created and displayed on the screen before the markets move and is entirely predictive based on past patterns. This means that there is no lag on the indicator.

Additionally, the use of numbered patterns alongside the predictions of market manipulation upwards or downwards, can provide cautionary warnings to any trader.

If a downward push is identified, but a warning is given that the market may change direction, then a trader would likely be far more cautious about entering that trade than they would have been otherwise.

The fact that the indicator continues on screen well into the future also means that it is easy to predict how long any trade that you have entered into may last, so that a trader might maximize profit and minimize losses.

What is Time Warp Trading- Advantage

The time warp trading system is also not limited to one type of asset or to one period of time.

Periods can be changed easily, as one would change the periods on a regular indicator, to observe for trends in a variety of different candle sticks, from 10 seconds, to several hours, and can be used to analyze futures, currency pairs, etc.

For this reason it is also suitable for anyone, including retail and professional traders, day traders, swing traders and even long term momentum traders.

Disadvantages of Time Warp Trading

Even though the Time Warp Trading system may not lag like most other trading indicators and alert systems, it is still based on historical data. It cannot actually see into the future, but rather predicts, which means that it may be entirely inaccurate.

Additionally, the Time Warp Trading System may not be able to adjust quickly when it may be clear to the human eye that the pattern that the system has predicted from past information is not the pattern that is occurring at that moment, and in that way it may still lag to some degree.

And, of course, there is the enormous price tag attached to the trading system.

$2500 is not an excessive amount if the trading system works perfectly, and allows a person to make that profit back in several months of trading, however, trading systems are never perfect and there is still the opportunity for loss, above the initial cost of the Time Warp Trading system.

It is believed by some that in order to mitigate risk, a single trade should consist of at most 5% of your entire portfolio, with less than 1% being preferred for non-experienced traders.

If this same principle is applied to the purchase of the Time Warp Trading system, then in order for the purchase to be viable, the purchase and the first few trades should take up no more than 5% of your portfolio, meaning that your portfolio would have to be more than $50,000.

Time warp trading box

Is Time Warp Trading a Scam?

It is important to remember that nothing can ever be guaranteed. Regardless of how sure a trade might seem, there is always risk, and there is always the opportunity.

Anyone who claims otherwise is likely trying to scam you into buying software that is no more accurate than any of the indicators provided by the trading platform.

The creators of the Time Warp Trading system do not claim that their system is perfect, and continuously emphasize that there is always risk attached with trading, and that even past successes of the program and testimonials will not indicate the future success of the trading system.

For this reason, we can assume that the Time Warp Trading system is not a scam, but that it may instead be worth looking into if the incredibly high price tag.

However, it is also important to take into account that, although the trading system may be out of reach of beginner traders due to the price, it is not overpriced in comparison to other trading systems.

There are some trading systems that charge as much as $5000 monthly. Whereas the $2500 is a one-time payment.

Whether you think the Time Warp Trading system is for you or not, it is always important to remember that responsible trading stems from mitigating risk.

Regardless of how successful a system or a technique has been in the past, it is important to remember that anything can happen in the market, and that there are no guarantees.

For that reason you should be prepared to make losses, and have your own systems in place to mitigate the effects on your portfolio.

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