What is the Trading Rush App?

What is the Trading Rush App?

Before the Trading Rush App was created, Trading Rush started out as a YouTube channel made up of a variety of educational trading videos, and a website that included all the videos as well as two trading tools.

Now, all of this can be found on the Trading Rush App, available on most app stores. But is it worth downloading and trying out?

Every person's trading style will vary, so some may be able to make use of some features and tools, while others may not.

So in order to figure out if the Trading Rush App is useful for you, we must first look at some of the features of the app.

Features of the Trading Rush App

Trading Rush App Videos

The Trading Rush App provides access to all videos that one might find on the Trading Rush Youtube Channel in an easy to use format. They also promise that a new, educational video is uploaded every 48 hours. These videos may include anything from trading methods and tips, to technical analysis and explanations of common indicators. At a first glance, they seem to be relatively high quality videos.

Trading Rush App Tools

 There are a variety of different tools that can be found on both the Trading Rush website and the Trading Rush App. These include the Trend Finder and the Choppy Market tools.
What is the Trading Rush App- Trend Finder
what is the Trading rush app- Choppy market

Both of these indicators make use of basic color patterns that are easy to understand and require no learning curve, allowing you to better understand the asset that you are considering trading.

The trend finder allows traders to identify trends, even when it may be unclear simply by observing candlestick graphs of the asset.

The choppy market tool would allow for a trader to determine when the markets were too risky to trade, which is especially useful for less experienced traders who might be less adept at risk management.

The addition of time frames over which the market is analyzed using these tools means that it could be suitable for a variety of different short term-traders, however it may not prove to be as suitable for those dabbling with trading over several months.

The one tool that is only found on the Trading Rush App may be the most useful of them all though, and that is the BackTester tool.

This takes the same principles of backtesting that may require the use of an Excel spreadsheet, and does it instantaneously, calculating profits and loss with ease, allowing an investor to research their potential trading strategy through hundreds of different potential past trades in only a fraction of the time that it might take to do so manually.

This, according to an article written by the creator of the app, would minimize errors caused by typing errors that may mislead a potential trader. The Trading App BackTester is a little bit more difficult to use, but the app provides a useful video in order to teach you how.

Trading Rush App In-App Purchases

The Trading Rush App advertises itself as being completely free. While some apps may do the same, only to request a subscription once the app is opened, or something similar.

The Trading Rush App is definitely not one of those. It is completely free, as advertised, but there are some in app purchases that can be made. These include signing up for a trading alerts system, as well as purchasing merchandise such as cups or T-shirts.

All the tools that could prove otherwise useful to a trader seem to be completely free to use.

Trading Rush App Reviews and Complaints

The app has mostly positive reviews. With 3 363 reviews at the time of writing this article, and an average rating of 4.8 of 5, the Trading Rush App has a very good reputation.

What is the Trading rush App-Trading Rush App Reviews

The main complaints of the Trading Rush App seems to be the fact that there is no way to save results. This means that a trader using something like the BackTester Tool would have to test hundreds of opportunities at a time without taking a break if they wanted to compare all of their results at the same time.

Additionally, the app does not seem to have any way to analyze your results as an excel spreadsheet would, and there seems to be no way to link the app to any other platforms, which makes the app a lot less useful than a person would at first imagine.

There also seems to be an element of accuracy that the app lacks. The backtesting takes only a few seconds, but decimal points are not available when calculating profit/loss ratios etc.

What is the Trading Rush App- Trading Rush

Overall Thoughts of the Trading Rush App

The app seems like a good learning resource. With easy access to thousands of videos on your phone, that are all easy to find and look up, one could learn more about a trading indicator as you find it, without having to close anything on your computer.

Additionally, the videos being available on a person's phone in such a concise and organized format, makes it easy to learn when you have a few free minutes on public transport etc.

However, backtesting using the app does not seem worth it if you cannot save and analyze data at a later date. For that reason, it may be better to risk the mistakes that might be made typing the data into an excel spreadsheet so that it could provide useful data and be updated.

The other tools are very useful, but there seems to be no way to ensure that the information is correct. Additionally, they are available online, along with the videos.

In the end, it comes down to a case of preference. Some might prefer to see the graphs blown up big on a computer screen, while others might prefer to research or watch educational videos on a phone.

Either way, the Trading Rush App does not seem to be any more useful than the Trading Rush Website.

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