Hi, I'm Gordon Gaffney. In the past investing was something done mainly by the wealthy or the range of options available to the ordinary person were extremely limited. With modern technology, like many things, investing has be democratized.

Buying and selling shares was only available to the likes of my namesake Gordon Gekko from the 1980's movie Wall Street.

The knowledge, access to this knowledge, and the means to use it that was once only available to these mythical fat cat figures and was something that the only person could only dream of or watch on the silver screen.

Now it is available to anyone for what is affordable to many workers and can be executed instantly from a smartphone.

This means that many are taking control of our finances and making their investment decisions solely by themselves.

There is a lot to learn, I am learning myself.  We also lead increasingly busy lives.  I hope that as I learn about investing that you can too by following this blog.

After leaving university I worked in financial services, mainly mortgages, and received my Certificate in Mortgage Practice in 2007 from the LIA in Ireland.

I have the CELTA certificate which allowed me the opportunity to teach English as a second language abroad from 2013-2017. From that I launched my first blogs to help students learn English, The Irish English Teacher and its sister site in Portuguese, Aprender Inglês Sozinho.

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