What is the SSL Indicator on MT4?

What is the SSL Indicator on MT4?

Short-term trends and momentum reversals are significant trade entry indications that traders may utilize in order to initiate and close positions. Moving average price fluctuations, for example, might be an excellent starting point for spotting momentum reversals.

The SSL Indicator MT4 is one of the indicators that tries to deliver momentum reversal alerts based on average price movements. In this article, we've discussed more how the SSL indicator MT4 works and how you can get it to work.

What is the SSL Indicator on MT4-SSL Channel Chart Alert Indicator

The SSL Indicator

The SSL Indicator is a trend-following technical indicator that may be used to detect short-term trends or momentum reversals. It is primarily based on a modified moving average that correctly identifies the short-term momentum's average price and its reversals.

How Does the SSL Indicator Work?

The SSL Indicator, as previously stated, is based on a modified moving average based on average price fluctuations. It does this by calculating the average based on the highs and lows of each period. It is, in reality, a Simple Moving Average (SMA) of the Median Price.

The SSL Indicator adjusts this moving average of the Median Price further by sliding the line below price action when it finds bullish momentum and above price action when it detects negative momentum.

It also identifies momentum shifts only when the price closes on the other side of the SSL line.

How To Use The SSL Indicator

Given the SSL indicator's nature as a trend following technical indication based on a short-term moving average, its use is comparable to that of moving average lines.

It may be used as a short-term trend or momentum direction filter, allowing traders to trade solely in the direction suggested by the SSL indicator based on price action interaction.

Based on the movement of the line below or above the price action, it may also be utilized as a trend or momentum reversal indicator.

Finally, since its line is pushed away from the Median Price average, it may also be utilized as a foundation for stop loss placements, trailing stop losses, and exit signals.

Buying Instructions

  • The price is forming a bullish breakout pattern at the SSL level.
  • Right above the indicator's curve, a bullish candlestick pattern appears.
  • SL should be placed below the present trendline zone.
  • Profit should be taken when the price falls below the SSL line.
What is the SSL Indicator on MT4-  Entry with Buy Order Stop Loss

Buying Instructions: When To Enter Using an SSL Indicator

As soon as the price action passes above the SSL line, place a buy order, and the SSL line moves below the price action. Set the first stop loss to a value less than the SSL line.

Buying Instructions: When To Exit Using an SSL Indicator

As the momentum reversal signal persists, trail the stop loss below the SSL line. Then, continue to track the stop loss until you are stopped out in profit.

Selling Instructions

  • At the SSL level, a bearish breakthrough occurs.
  • The price forms a bearish candle and considers the trend curve to be resistance SL above the present barrier.
  • When the price rises above the SSL level, exit short.
What is the SSL Indicator on MT4- Stop Loss & Exit with Sell Order

Selling Instructions: When To Enter Using SSL Indicator

Place a sell order as soon as the price action passes below the SSL line and as the SSL line crosses above the price action. Set the first stop loss to a value greater than the SSL line.

Selling Instructions: When To Exit Using SSL Indicator

As the momentum reversal signal persists, keep the stop loss above the SSL line. Then, continue to track the stop loss until you are stopped out in profit.

SSL Indicator MT4 Signals

The red and green lines represent bearish and bullish circumstances, respectively. Forex traders should purchase the assets if the line is green and connects the red line upwards. The previous low swing is appropriate; for-profit objectives apply the inverse trading signal.

For this indicator, the junction of the red and green lines indicates a bearish trend. As a result, a trader should sell the security, and the stop loss should, at the very least, swing high. The profit point will be achieved if the opposite signal is received or if the risk-reward ratio is met.

The SSL indicator works on all intraday time frames as well as daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term period charts. Low period indications are gloomy and may not indicate a trend. As a result, it also assists traders in confirming the absence of any trend signs on the periodic chart.

For the most excellent trading outcomes, traders should utilize the MT and make trading choices after evaluating the top-down strategy. The top-down technique is used to discover a more significant trend. The entry locations in zero are determined by shorter periods. You should be aware of the nearby trendline channels as well as the resistance and support levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is An SSL Channel Indicator?

The SSL Trend channel is a well-known and often used trend indicator. It originated in the forex market, where traders often utilize it. The indicator draws a channel based on two moving averages. The first moving average is based on the high of each candle, while the second is based on the low of each candle.

What Is The Strongest Forex Indicator?

The Relative Strength Index (RSI).

It is the most widely used forex indicator, displaying a momentary oversold or overbought state in the market. An RSI number more than 70 indicates an overbought market, while a value less than 30 indicates an oversold market.


The SSL channel chart alert indicator for MetaTrader does not redraw the signals and assists traders in the usage of moving averages. Both bullish and bearish situations activate the alarm signal.

As a result, traders may easily acquire and sell assets. Therefore, this indicator should be used simultaneously with technical indicators for the best results. It is also completely free to download and install.

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