What Does an OnlyFans Charge Look Like on a Bank Statement?

What Does an OnlyFans Charge Look Like on a Bank Statement?

Many people are opening anonymous accounts on OnlyFans but they might want to keep their identities and activities hidden as they don’t want their friends, family, or parents to know they use the site. OnlyFans acts as a social media platform, and it is an adult website.

You can think of it as a sort of naughty Patreon, people support their favorite content creators, who are often x-rated stars, for a monthly fee.  Some well-known faces are on there, and it is all legal.

Although lots of people use the website, many do not want to admit it. Those using credit cards other than their own (yep, some are using their parent’s credit cards!) would want to know how an OnlyFans charge would appear on the bank statement.

We will:

  • take you through the step-by-step process to sign up for an OnlyFans account
  • show you at which stages you will be asked for credit/debit card details
  • but also when you actually get charged 
  • then, crucially, what that charge looks like on a bank statement.
  • We will also look at some alternative methods of OnlyFans payment that will not show up on your bank statement.
What does an OnlyFans Charge Look Like on a Bank Statement

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a platform that allows people to share different content. This London-based company was created by Timothy Stokely, who stepped down as CEO in December 2021 and in August 2021 CNBC reported that it had 130 million users, 2 million content creators.

Although it is most well-known as an adult site it is also used by other content creators such designers to share videos and photos. The interface includes a chat box where the users can exchange messages and agree on a price.

A much-talked-about issue with OnlyFans is that it does actually allow its users to enjoy the platform for free. Once you create an account, you will be asked for your credit card details for payment purposes, however you will not be charged anything immediately. At least I wasn’t.

Although there are content creators on the platform who allow free subscriptions you still need to input your card details, or else you will not be able to complete the registration.

OnlyFans Creators

Many OnlyFans creators are musicians, actors, models, physical fitness professionals, and influencers who use the website to get paid for their content. It could be described as an entertainment site with payment for subscriptions, which makes it similar to Patreon, or more like a naughty Patreon.

The content creators may receive money from their supporters or “fans” every month as a subscription.

Another monetizing feature of the website is the pay-per-view feature where creators can earn extra income through exclusive photos or videos of themselves.

Like many things in life there is a huge disparity in earnings between those at the very top and the average or median income. Lesser known people without a fan base will naturally earn less than famous stars who join.

Some creators can leverage their followers from other social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter to create a ready-made army of subscribers.

How Does One Join OnlyFans?

Ok, so you have the house to yourself, so how do you go about signing up? Let’s take you through it step by step.

Joining OnlyFans is easy, it is a standard website registration as shown below:

What does an OnlyFans Charge Look Like on a Bank Statement-How Does One Join OnlyFans

When you have an account, you can then login using your Google or Twitter account. Once the account is created, you will be taken to the home page:


OnlyFans home page

and asked to confirm your email address:


Email confirmation

Types of OnlyFans Account

There are two major options available for people who are joining OnlyFans. The creator’s account and the user’s account.

This can be seen at the left sidebar of the page, where you have a card for users and then add bank details for creators.

What Does an OnlyFans Charge Look Like on a Bank Statement helpful subscribe and performer

The creator’s account is for people who will use the platform to showcase their talent to subscribers. There is plenty of content that you can upload, including art, photos, video and standard text updates letting people know the things you can do.

OnlyFans users are the subscribers of the platform. The creators encourage the users to subscribe to their page so that they can consume the content they upload to the website.

When a user creates an account, they must give their payment details, however, thankfully, you do not need to provide photo ID.

For a creator you will need to provide photo ID. This whole process apparently takes about 24 hours to complete, including validation and approval.

How to Register Your Debit or Credit Card on OnlyFans

For users, in order to complete the registration process you will need to register a debit or credit card.

You will also need to provide an email address, confirm that you are over 18. Obviously minors are not allowed to register as users.

5 What Does an OnlyFans Charge Look Like on a Bank Statement im not a roboto credit card registration

You can see the notice about OnlyFans making a one-time charge of $0.10c or 10 cents, and that this will appear as “OnlyFans” on your statement.

When I registered a debit card from Ireland I did not get charged. In fact, I thought I hadn’t set it up correctly so I deleted my debit card details, re-entered them again and still no charge.

After entering your details correctly, you should see something like this:


So then I decided to take the plunge and subscribe to a content creator. I found one I “wanted to support” and clicked on the monthly subscription.

As you can see I was also charged VAT of 23% and to much relief I was also asked to confirm my purchase:


How Does an OnlyFans Charge Look Like on a Bank Statement

From doing research elsewhere I found out that when you use your credit card, all your charges will appear on your bank statement under the heading “OnlyFans.”, as they say themselves on the site.

However once I confirmed my subscription purchase this is what appeared on my online bank statement:


Here is what an OnlyFans charge looks like on a bank statement

Interestingly when the pending transaction became a confirmed transaction it changed to this:

What Does an OnlyFans Charge Look Like on a Bank Statement Onlyfans actual bank statement not pending

So to answer the question how does an OnlyFans charge look like on a bank statement, the answer for me was “VDP-OF”.

So I think with "VDP-OF" instead of just "OF" that you might be able to talk your way out of that one. However, read on for payment methods that will not appear on your bank statement.

There are other features, though I have not tried them. Apparently you can also "add funds to your wallet" on the website, which you can see at the top right corner of this image here:

5 What Does an OnlyFans Charge Look Like on a Bank Statement im not a roboto credit card registration

Add funds to your wallet, top right

It means you have preloaded money into your account before you start your activities on the site. This money will be charged only once to your account, and I believe the amount will still appear on your bank statement as “OnlyFans” though most probably in my case it will be “OF” again.

I would like to know more about this 10-cent fee when adding your card, so if you have received this on your bank statement do let us know in the comments. I may do more experimentation and update this post in the future.

Therefore naturally, for your monthly memberships and any other in-app transactions they will possibly appear as “OnlyFans” on your bank statement, or in my case “OF”.

Does Free OnlyFans Show on Bank Statements?

If you choose free OnlyFans pages, you will not be charged for a monthly subscription but you will be charged if you consume pay-per-view content. In general subscriptions are every month and the prices are set by the creator.

You can see at the very bottom of the "Add funds to your wallet" image above that the company behind OnlyFans is Fenix International Limited, so as well as “OnlyFans” or “OF”, there is the possibility that “Fenix International” may also appear.  

Since OnlyFans is a paid service, you need to provide your credit card information when you create an account. Although there are creators who give free subscriptions, as we have said you still need to enter your credit or debit card information to get validated.

The fact is all your OnlyFans transactions will be visible in your bank statement, and anyone who will see your bank statement is bound to find out that you are subscribing on that site. Even your online bank statement is the same.

How to Hide an OnlyFans Transaction from Bank Statement

All OnlyFans transactions and purchases cannot be concealed or deleted from your account to hide them from someone. You cannot remove or delete anything from your credit card statement or bank statement either. It will reflect all the transactions on your card as any purchases on your credit card will appear on your bill.

But there are other ways to keep your OnlyFans transactions hidden from others. Here are some useful tips to avoid getting statements of OnlyFans sent to you. These tips do not involve deleting the transactions, but can still be helpful.

Using Virtual Cards

OnlyFans has virtual cards that you can use to buy subscriptions or special content without your credit card. There are websites available that can help you generate this virtual card.

Look for websites that can assist you to get a free virtual card that you can use to purchase subscriptions from OnlyFans without getting credit card fees.

Using Vanilla Gift Cards

A vanilla gift card is something you never thought possible to use on OnlyFans, but you can. It is a smart way to hide purchases and transactions you’ve made on the website.

This card is a product of the Visa company and works just like a gift card or debit card. You can use it for your everyday spending.

What does an OnlyFans Charge Look Like on a Bank Statement- Vanilla Gift Card

Using Gift Cards

Speaking of gift cards, you can also use this to buy subscriptions at OnlyFans. This card has changed the way we shop, online and offline. All you need to do is to recharge the card with money to continue using them.

Using Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are designed to work like debit or ATM cards. They have the card number you can use to purchase online or slot them into an ATM to withdraw cash. You can use it at the OnlyFans to hide your activities.

Using these methods can give you the confidentiality of your purchase on the website.

What About Free OnlyFans Subscriptions?

There are no statements to appear on your bank account when you use the free OnlyFans subscriptions because there was no charge for the transaction.

Subscribing to a person’s page for free will not register any charges. Therefore, the bank does not have any business with what you are doing on OnlyFans.

However, you might be required to verify your credit card, which may show on your statement as a 10 cent charge because the bank is now involved in the transaction. Some banks will not show the verification on the credit card though, because there was no charge for the transaction.

Hiding Your Identity on OnlyFans

The good thing about OnlyFans is you don’t have to use your real name as your screen name when setting up your account. As a creator you can also opt not to show your face. However, you will need to give your real name, address, and other relevant information to get verified.

If you are a creator, you will not be able to collect your earnings if you don’t give them your verifiable information.


Since OnlyFans has mostly adult content, most people don’t want their OnlyFans transactions to appear on their bank statement. They want to keep this information from family members or anyone as it is quite embarrassing for them because the site is filled with 18+ contents.

This is unavoidable when you use your credit card to subscribe or purchase at the website. But there are other ways to complete your transactions on the website without using your credit card. Follow our tips and enjoy your time on the website.

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