What Company Has the Most 6-figure Earners?

What Company Has The Most 6-Figure Earners?

Many people's lifelong goal is to reach a point of financial stability in life that comes from being a 6-figure earner. To achieve this dream, it can be better to find out what company has the most 6-figure earners instead of what company pays the highest salaries.

So, what company has the most 6-figure earners?

Microsoft is the company that currently has the most 6-figure earners employed, with half of the employees receiving over $162,818, with the average annual salary coming to $120,662. For years, Microsoft has assumed its place as a leading name in the industry by developing and providing top-of-the-line computer software and applications to businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Microsoft's salaries vary according to the department, with the average in engineering at $177,475, communications at $211,886, customer support at $56,530, and product at $214,15.

What Company Has The Most 6-Figure Earners- Microsoft

For someone aspiring to work at Microsoft someday, the salary is only one of the appealing factors. Aside from the generous paycheck, they will be given the opportunity to work alongside the finest people in their fields at a world-renowned organization.

Not only that, Microsoft tries to cultivate a positive work culture, prioritizing its employees' health and providing them the environment needed to thrive

What Company Has The Most 6-Figure Earners:


Primerica is a multinational marketing firm that was founded in 1981. They provide financial and investment services and insurance to families in America and Canada.

Primerica hires sales employees (Primerica agents) on a commission rate without a base salary. The company allows its employees to customize their commission plans according to their preferences.

As a Primerica agent, one might find it hard to climb the ladder to success compared to other companies that provide a fixed salary package. That said, a division leader at Primerica has an average salary of $100,000 per anum.

The average yearly salary at Primerica is $128,036, with most employees making over $130,000. It looks like those agents do sell a lot of insurance plans!

What Company Has The Most 6-Figure Earners-Google


It comes as no surprise that the most popular search engine in the world is among the highest-paying firms. Google develops software and hardware and is a big name in cloud computing. Aside from that, it also generates a lot of revenue through ads.

Google has an average annual salary of $133,000, with the design department at $117,597, communications at $135,051, sales at $187,687 and business development at $207,494. The highest paying job at Google is Director of Finance at $600,000, and the lowest is a receptionist with a $37,305 annual salary.


Steve Jobs and two others founded the world-famous luxury cellphone company that came into existence in 1976. Apple has the aim of modernizing electronics by using the latest technology.

The software engineers who bring to life such extraordinary products have a hefty salary of over $100,000. While Apple has almost 150,000 employees and 510 retail stores in the states, it generated quarterly revenue of $97.3billion in March 2022, which was an increase of 9% from a year earlier. 

Apple pays an average salary of $143,362 per year. The job titles in Apple range from specialist, expert, operations expert, business expert, and business pro to market leader, senior manager, business expert, store leader, creative writer, technical specialist, software engineer, department director etc. The highest salary at Apple is for the position of director of engineering at $301,000, and the lowest is of sales associate at $35,00 per annum.

Now that we've discussed what company has the most 6-figure earners, let's shed some light on the jobs in these firms that pay a 6-figure salary.

6-figure Earning Jobs

Chief Executives

Surely it is no surprise that a company's CEO receives a generous paycheck, according to research carried out by salary.com, the average was a whopping $796,134,  

Thousands of people step into the corporate world each day with the dream of someday achieving this title. However, while the position of a CEO has a charming ring to it, it comes with a lot of struggle and planning. 

The journey towards becoming a CEO starts at your university. If you share this goal, make sure to pick a major that will pave your way toward getting this job. According to Forbes, 53% of Fortune 100 CEOs received a degree in Business Administration.

Outside medical and dental fields, CEO is the highest-paid position as they are the highest-ranking employee of a company. With the tough job of making crucial decisions regarding all aspects of a business's activity, a CEO's job requires a lot of time and dedication. A Harvard survey states that a CEO spends 62.5 hours weekly on the job, either in the office or traveling.

Marketing Managers

In the US, a senior marketing manager with WeWork can earn an average  salary $153,000 according to Indeed

According to a survey completed by the website Salary Explorer the average salary of a marketing manager is $169,000.

Due to the industry's cutthroat competition, these professionals have become crucial to every business.

In a nutshell, a marketing manager's job is to identify the need for a particular product in the market and the consumer segments interested in it. Based on this, they craft a marketing strategy that attracts the consumers to the product and then launch it into the market.

Marketing managers usually require a bachelor's degree with some background in management, economics, marketing and finance.

What Company Has The Most 6-Figure Earners-Marketing Manager

Financial Managers

Due to the finance department's pivotal role in a business, these professionals are the backbone of every company, especially in medium to large-sized organizations. They are responsible for overseeing all the investments of the shareholders of the business, making critical decisions regarding lower costs and assessing market trends to maximize the revenue generated.

According to US News the median salary of a Financial Manager was $134,180. However, to land such a job, you will need several years of experience in finance, usually as a loan officer, financial analyst, accountant or sales agent.

This job requires a bachelor's degree or even higher education background in related fields like finance, accounts, economics or business administration/management.

People regard a 6-figure salary as a benchmark for success. With a great background, education and interests, it is possible for anyone to achieve this goal. If you are considering a career path that pays, you should think about getting a degree in fields such as software, tech and business. Alongside this, it is vital to possess self-motivation and the drive to succeed to become a 6-figure earner. 

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